Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hello, I'm Sasha :3

Hey, I'm Sasha :ʒ
I've opened this blog to share my interests with the rest of the world (the part that shares the same extra-curricular activities as myself :), and to have fun doing it.

I have a serious problem. I have too much interests!!
I'm an internet lurker; I love finding stuff on the web, learning a bunch of new skills on a weekly basis, finding cool websites and bookmarks, I really like computer gadgets, philosophical stuff, and being aware of things that I found on the web that I wouldn't be otherwise!

But especially I love drawing, photographing and writing.

Wow so weird writing about my self ʘ.ʘ
Well, I hope you enjoy reading my stuff as much as I enjoy writing it.
I think I'll write a couple of my long-though stories; I'll make a story section for those!
I'll add a page for cool stuff I find online, like macro programs or things that make your computer life easier!
I will definitely put up a page for interesting and funny articles I find! God the web is filled with them, this will definitely be the best way to organize all those laughs!

If you like my blog follow me, I'll check out yours and if I'll like it I'll follow you aswell ^^